The Kolibri Games Newsletter

July 29, 2020

The Kolibri Games Newsletter

Hi there!

Enjoy the July Edition of the Kolibri Games Newsletter. This is where we review the events of the past weeks and keep you updated on recent company and product milestones.

Company Milestones 

This month, we publicly announced our new 4+1 flex work system: from September onward, for an initial trial period of 12 months, all Kolibris will be able to choose whether to work from home or the office on four days a week and will only be required to come to the HQ once a week for a team day.

Going from being heavily onsite-driven to a fully remote work style as part of our COVID-19 measures, showed us that we can comfortably take this step and improve overall employee satisfaction, without risking productivity loss.

We evolve and adapt to new circumstances to stay ahead – even if that means rethinking what the future of work at Kolibri Games will look like. Our new system offers all teams and individual members a significant degree of flexibility and the freedom to decide how and where they want to work.

We Appeared In

Over on Startstories, our Co-CEO Janosch gave insights into challenges the co-founders had to overcome, their biggest achievements and plans for the future.

Our Co-CEO Daniel discussed his bootstrapping journey, from humble beginnings in a student apartment to a 120-million-euro exit, over on the Gründerszene Podcast. On, he talked about Kolibri Games’ founding days and the inspiration behind Idle Miner Tycoon.

The Kolibri Games Blog 

Over on our blog, our Brand Designer Barry dug deep into our data pool and put together a visualization of how our players are engaging with some of our consumables and popular game features in a single hour of Idle Miner Tycoon.

In addition, Barry published the first part of a series of posts that focus on UA in free-to-play mobile games and track a player’s journey into and through Idle Miner Tycoon. This first part was all about the importance of testing – stay tuned for part 2 next month! 

Product Updates

This month, our Idle Miner Tycoon team worked hard on implementing the new event season, the Fantasy Season, and integrating technical health events to ensure our game is sustainable in the backend.

In addition, we have been running playtests together with our partners from PlaytestCloud, in an effort to reduce churn rates.

Kolibri Games Events 

As a former KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) student, our Co-CEO Daniel partnered up with the university and held a keynote discussing what it means to break into the gaming industry as young founders.

Open Positions 

This month, we are looking for a (Senior) Unity Games Developer to join our team, so if you enjoy working in a faced-paced environment on free-to-play mobile titles, or know someone who does, make sure to check out the job description on our career page.