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Our 5 Favorite Resources for Game Artists

Kolibri Games’ Artists Recommendations from Concept Art to Animation

May 24, 2021

Our 5 Favorite Resources for Game Artists

At Kolibri Games, we currently have 13 artists working in functions ranging from our game art, to concept design, backgrounds, events, and of course character creation. We also have talented Kolibris designing and creating our advertising, merch, and social media posts. While we already combine all kinds of expertise and powerful skills in our art departments, we support and encourage our artists to keep learning new things. Learning is one of our core values, and our artists hold biweekly art sessions, where they create and present their art to each other as well as learn more about development tools like Unity. 

In the following post, our artists share some of their must-know resources for getting creative and honing their craft. Grab your pencils or art pad and get artsy with us.