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Places to Visit in Berlin

March 5, 2020

You’re in Berlin for a weekend, looking for some cool places to visit, or you’ve been living here for years and have run out of things to do? Here are ten places for any occasion, recommended by Kolibris…



1. Tom recommends heading out to Teufelsberg:

Great views over Berlin. Awesome graffiti and cold-war vibes in the middle of Grunewald. Perfect spot to take your bike, cycle through the forest to the river and drink a Radler. Even better if there is an event happening, like a concert or an outdoor film festival.

2. Silvia recommends the Delphi Filmpalast:

Wonderful “classic” cinema in a 1950s style, that looks like a stage theater. Despite the appearance, the Palast offers modern, great sound and comfortable wide recliner armchairs with plenty of legroom.

3. Chris recommends eating at Shaniu’s House of Noodles:

Excellent authentic handmade Chinese noodle soup. The restaurant is decorated in a coffee house style and serves dishes that are not commonly available in other European-ized Chinese restaurants.

4. Panos recommends seeing the Boros Collection (Sammlung Boros):

Besides the impressive architecture of its imposing concrete structure, which has its own unique history, the Sammlung Boros has one of the most impressive and diverse private collections of contemporary art in all of Berlin, featuring works from world-renowned creators. It’s definitely a great way to spend your weekend.

5. Jenny recommends visiting the Gropius Bau:

Fascinating building with lots of exhibition space. Always well-curated and beautifully presented, the selections are not only an artistic delight but also a treasure trove of interesting information.

6. Silvia recommends checking out the Hackesche Höfe:

Amazing courtyards and almost a small city within the city. The Hackeschen Höfe were once the largest combined work and apartment complex in Berlin. Now completely “gentrified” the eight rooms connected by August Endell in the Art Nouveau style are fully renovated and are home to small shops, cafes and a variety of artistic and cultural hubs.

7. Friederike recommends having a drink at Zur Fetten Ecke:

Classic Berlin (smokers) bar: dark, cozy, nice music, nice people, couches, candles. A place to forget time on a Friday night.

8. Gordon recommends getting food at Martkhalle 9:

Great market in a relaxed atmosphere with food from all possible cultures every Thursday. Everything is freshly prepared in front of your eyes and it’s fun to just stroll through the corridors.

9. Tom recommends spending an evening at Klunkerkranich:

Hip bar on the roof of a parking garage. Over the roofs of Berlin, the world is at your feet. Great location, people and music, especially in the summer.

10. Jonas recommends heading out to Tempelhofer Feld:

Vast and open space with lots of trees and greenery, room for lounging, sunbathing, bbq-ing, playing sports, dogs, bike workshop and lots of other activities — including a communal garden!

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