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How We Use Data at Kolibri Games

Bringing data to every Kolibri

April 1, 2022

How We Use Data at Kolibri Games

“Data” is a word that a lot of companies use, including Kolibri Games, and it can mean something different for every company. We believe that data is a tool that every Kolibri should use, and thanks to our data team, every Kolibri can.


Beyond being a buzzword, what exactly is “data”?


Let’s move from whales and books, to some more specific examples.


Bringing all this data together is the job of the PMs, and every Kolibri thinking at a strategic level.


We’re extremely proud of the work of our data team, and proud of how our whole company has embraced data as a tool. We’ve a lot more to say about this topic, so keep your eyes on this space – and if you’d like to help build our data team, head over to our careers page to see our open positions!

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