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How to Prepare for Your Trial Days at Kolibri Games

What to Expect and What to Pay Attention to

August 12, 2019

COVID-19 Information

Even though we would love to meet you in person and show you around the office, safety-first is our priority. We want you to feel safe and be comfortable during your trial days, therefore if you’d prefer to do your trial days remotely, please let us know.

Our company has grown from a group of five friends to a group of over 100 Kolibris in only a little more than three years. We were able to sustain such rapid growth by introducing processes that allowed us to only bring people on board who are passionate about both: our brand and our games.

In this edition our Head of Recruitment will give you an overview of the most vital part of this selection process — the Kolibri Games Trial Days — and how to prepare for them…

Congratulations! You’ve aced your interviews and have been invited to join us at our Berlin-Kreuzberg office for what is arguably the most exciting part of the interview process: the Kolibri Games Trial Days.

We can’t wait to have you over and get to know you better!

Trial days with us can be quite demanding, as you will have to juggle completing your trial task with getting to know our team, all while being in a new environment. So, to prepare for the big day(s), here is some information on the general procedure, what you can expect and what you should pay attention to.

You might be wondering why we fly all candidates in and choose to invest so much time and money into this stage of the application process, here’s the answer:

Our trial days cover two days during which you will join us in our office, meet lots of Kolibris and solve a number of tasks. These two days represent a great opportunity for you to find out whether Kolibri Games is really the right place for you to work at. At the same time, they are a great chance for us to get to know you better in person, to find out how you interact and work in a team environment or even under stress or pressure.

Like any other company, Kolibri Games has its own set of values and ways of approaching work. We realize this may occasionally contradict people’s preferred way of working, which is why the trial days are an opportunity for us to show you exactly what we have to offer and, in turn, for you to figure out if you can see yourself working here.

You can expect two extremely fun and, at the same time, challenging days.

We aim to give you the best possible experience and make you feel comfortable all the way. Your flights and accommodation will be booked, and your workstation will be all set up and waiting for you. On both days, you will be briefed by your hiring manager in the morning and will receive instructions for your trial task. You will have the whole day to complete it and, at the end of the day, will have the chance to present your results in front of a few team members.

Over the course of both days, we’ll invite you for lunch with Kolibris and have coffee and smaller chats here and there, so don’t get nervous if Outlook invites start pouring in. If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry: expect fun conversations over good food and challenging tasks that will give you the opportunity to experience what your role here would be all about and how you would feel as part of our team.

Understanding the Office Rules

Here are a few guiding rules that will help you avoid uncomfortable situations during your visit at the Kolibri Games office.

  1. Our main office — the Mainland — is a silent office. If you want to arrange a meeting or talk to someone, just send them a message on Slack and meet in the lobby or one of our many meeting rooms.
  2. All the food and drinks in the lobby are free to take, so knock yourself out (beers only after working hours)!

What We Are Looking For

Relax and be yourself …

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your time here with us: comfortable enough for you to be yourself and give us the chance to get to know you. You made a great impression during your interviews and we invited you over because we see a potential fit, so don’t worry too much, relax and be yourself.

Ask questions and get to know the team …

Although your trial tasks are a vital part of your trial days, and you should try to complete them to the best of your abilities, the socializing aspect is just as important. Simply mingle and have a chat with people whenever you have a free second. Also, whenever you have a question, just ask! It’ll show that you’re interested in learning more about us and everyone will gladly give you an answer.

Organize and prioritize …

As mentioned earlier, we have designed your trial tasks to be challenging enough for you to experience the fast-paced way of working that is our daily reality. Structure your day around your tasks and your meetings to maximize on the time you have with us. If you get stuck, ask your hiring manager for feedback!

Fill up on fruits and snacks …

Most importantly, feel free to re-fuel on snacks and drinks throughout the day. We want you to feel at home!

So there you have it — everything you need to know about your trial days at Kolibri Games. Should you have further questions ahead of the date, simply ask your contact person from our People Operations team.

See you soon — we’re all looking forward to having you over!

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