The Kolibri Games Newsletter

September 25, 2019

The Kolibri Games Newsletter

Hi there, 

Enjoy the September Edition of the Kolibri Games Newsletter. This is where we review events of the past weeks and keep you updated on recent company and product milestones.

Company Milestones 

This month, LinkedIn named us as one of Germany’s Top Startups to work for in 2019. We placed sixth on the list of 25 companies that also features N26, TIER Mobility, Blinkist and other successful startups. To compile the ranking, the LinkedIn Editorial Team considered factors such as employment growth, interest in job offers and user interaction with the company and its employees. Every day we strive to make Kolibri Games the top employer in the industry and this placement was a great reward for our efforts.

On top of that, Ernst & Young named our Co-CEOs Janosch and Daniel as part of the 15 finalists in this year’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. We are crossing fingers ahead of the award ceremony in October.

We Appeared In

CNBC picked up on LinkedIn’s Top Startups list and featured the top ten companies and their approach to recruiting. We’re proud to have been included in their selection.

The Kolibri Games Blog 

On our blog, our Head of HR Richard explained how Kolibri Games achieves sustainable growth. From finding the right talent to keeping the team healthy, his piece reveals how we are able to sustain rapid growth, without losing our company culture or identity (check out the full piece here).

In addition, we released a story that explains different approaches to game development, and how we adjusted our team structure to develop games in an even more agile fashion (click here for the full story).

Product Updates

Throughout the past month, we have added a number of awesome new features to Idle Miner Tycoon. We introduced an all-new rentable Super Manager Sir Henry, gave the skill tree a visual overhaul and added a number of Dusk Continent Skills.

In Idle Factory Tycoon, we introduced four new Event Super Workers to help players make faster progress in Event Factories. In addition, we added designated social media buttons that facilitate access to our forum, or technical support, and made some improvements to our event shop.

Kolibri Events 

We just got back from the beach! Last year, we took the whole team to Tenerife and this year we explored Thessaloniki, Greece. A long, relaxing weekend to reward ourselves for all the hard work. Look forward to Kolibri holiday pictures in the next edition of this newsletter!