Kolibri Games partners with Planetly to become carbon-neutral

September 1, 2021

Kolibri Games partners with Planetly to become carbon-neutral

Mobile games studio Kolibri Games launches its sustainability initiative with a partnership with Planetly, a Berlin based technology startup specializing in holistic carbon management, to become carbon-neutral by the end of 2021.


When Guillaume Verlinden, new Managing Director of mobile games studio Kolibri Games, set foot into the Berlin-based office for the first time, he was immediately impressed by the sustainable approach of the company. A paperless office, recycling bins at every corner and quarterly sustainability events like park clean-ups already lead the way. Now, he wants to push one step further:

With the help of the Planetly platform, Kolibri Games will track and calculate its CO2 emissions. The long-term goal for the Berlin-based studio is to become carbon-neutral by reducing its emissions and offsetting its remaining CO2 output.
To achieve this goal, Kolibri Games uses Planetly’s carbon management software to track its emissions. In addition, the games studio sets itself annual reduction targets in order to achieve climate neutrality in the long term.

Managing Director Guillaume Verlinden explains, “As one of the leading mobile game studios in Europe, we see it as our duty to strive for sustainability and climate neutrality. With Planetly, we have a competent partner at our side to achieve this goal as early as 2021 and to sustainably reduce our carbon footprint. Our players can thus use our games sustainably, which prioritizes environmental consciousness.”

The initiative is part of Kolibri Games’ socially responsible approach to gaming and mission to play a proactive role in the fight against climate change. Kolibri Games strives for the long-term goal to reduce all avoidable emissions and to set up further internal sustainability programs.